NSC has teamed with a dedicated group of partner / advocates to make the Refugee Urban Agricultural Initiative a success. Central to that mission has been PHS, whose ongoing dedication to the program is making a tangible difference in the lives of Philly’s refugee population.

PHS: City Harvest Growers Alliance

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Harvest program taps into the skills and energy of urban gardeners and entrepreneurial growers to make fresh, nutritious produce more widely available to neighbors in need.

PHS Organic Gardening Workshops: PHS offers seasonal workshops to our gardeners, and is spearheading the farmer-training program in our Entrepreneurial Garden. Covering topics including organic gardening, pest and weed control and regional best growing practices, the workshops build refugees’ farming savvy while expanding familiarity with local growing conditions.

Neighborhood Gardens Trust

The Neighborhood Gardens Trust acquires and preserves community gardens and shared open space in order to enhance the quality of life in Philadelphia neighborhoods. With more than 30 gardens, NGT is a leader in sustaining local green space and advancing community gardening.

Philadelphia Land Bank

The Philadelphia Land Bank returns vacant and tax-delinquent properties to productive use, simplifying the process of transferring properties and combating blight in the city.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

The mission of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation focuses on preserving and enhancing existing green spaces while also expanding the amount of green, public space available in the City.

Church of the Redeemer Baptist Church

The Growing Together Garden thrives on land leased from the church. In addition, church members grow alongside our refugee gardeners.