Building Healthy Communities

Healthy communities emerge when people work together. Our gardens are a space in which families can relax, enjoy healthy activity and foster new connections with their South Philadelphia neighbors. For those who may have experienced trauma in the past, they can also play a therapeutic role.


Planting Philly Roots

Throughout the season, gardeners come together, tending their plots side-by-side and watching their gardens thrive. The effects can be seen across multiple dimensions.

  • Growing food: Healthy organically grown crops enhance refugee health and extend food budgets
  • Growing together: Refugees forge new connections in their Philadelphia neighborhoods, cultivating deeper connectivity
  • Growing home: Gardeners grow ingredients reflective of their cultural traditions while sharing seeds, recipes and insight

Formal opportunities for engagement emerge through monthly garden meetings and community workdays. These create mutual accountability and an opportunity to engage in projects of benefit to the broader garden community.

Through all of this, knowledge is shared and bonds develop. New gardeners benefit from the insight of long-time farmers. Dishes are savored—many featuring ingredients grown on site. In this way, our gardeners are truly Growing Home and Growing Together, remaining connected to their cultures while growing networks in the city.