The Philadelphia Flower Show


Refugees attending our vocational English as a second language class recently visited the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS).  It is with PHS support that NSC has been able to successfully launch the Growing Home and Growing Together Refugee Community Gardens.   This year, PHS was able to donate tickets for all  students – and some interns and volunteers – to attend the show for free, immersing themselves in this year’s theme of “Holland: Flowering the World.”

We took the flower show on, experiencing the vibrant colors, sounds, and sights within the oldest and largest show of its kind.  Daffodils and tulips of all shades lined walkways and bridges; bright lights and music accompanied the main spectacle; informational walk-through exhibits of diverse plant varietals dotted the entire convention center.


We learned about sustainability and green-living within the Dutch inspired eco-dome, and witnessed an immense variety of colorful and interesting flowers – from roses to orchids to hyacinth.  We also were able to see immense and baffling showcases of flowering displays constructed by some of the world’s best garden designers and inspired by Holland.  There were windmills, bikes, meandering streams, and, of course, tulips strewn throughout the expansive show.

We enjoyed our time learning about sustainability, gardening, and plant varieties at one of the best and most intricately designed flower shows in the world.  We also, obviously, enjoyed the amazing photo ops, and took more than a few selfies together.