Growing Together Expands

On May 22, during a brief dry window between May’s persistent bouts of rain, a group gathered at the Growing Together Garden on Reed Street with a mission: to add a new row of beds. With requests for growing space in continued high demand, this will allow an additional 20 families to join us in the garden.

Moving the beds, which were constructed during a prior workday with support from The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and volunteers from Keller Williams, was a team effort. The garden looks forward to welcoming its newest growers.

Spring-Greens-and-Marigolds              Mustard-Greens

In other news, spring mustard greens are taking over! These fast growers are especially popular in Nepali and Bhutanese cuisine, and our gardeners could be seen harvesting the early leaves in addition to other spring greens as they tended their plots.

–Jenn Hall, NSC Volunteer, Writer