That’s A Wrap!

By: Christian Przybylek

Gardens Coordinator, Nationalities Service Center

On behalf of all of us at the Nationalities Service Center, I am excited to announce the wrap of a great first season at Growing Together Gardens. In just three and a half months, we have signed up over 70 individuals and families representing five major language groups who have come together in growing a diversity of fresh, nutritious produce. If you go by the gardens today, one at 25th and Dickinson and the other at 8th and Emily, you will see hundreds of raised beds bursting with fresh, organic, healthy produce. Even though we got a late start, we have exceeded all expectations laid out in the beginning of the year and are excited as we begin thinking about next year. We are thankful for the Redeemer Community’s support throughout this project and are excited about the possibilities of what we might achieve in the future together.

In our next growing season, we plan on pursuing further improvements at the site, including the building of more raised beds, which will open up even more space for new gardeners, and laying out a common crop area that will be tended by everyone and open to everyone to pick from as needed. Although we are wrapping things up for winter, that does not mean we are done growing yet. You may see gardeners growing and harvesting into December depending on the weather.

For those in the Redeemer Community who currently have a raised bed, you will be able to sign up again next spring. We will be announcing dates for sign ups in March 2016 for those who don’t yet have a raised bed. If you are considering signing up, I would encourage you to stop by the gardens after church and talk with the growers about their experiences so far. Thank you again to all of our supporters for a great first growing season, we will see you again in the Spring!