Growing Together Thrives

Thanks to generous support from the City Harvest Growers Alliance, a project of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), Growing Together Garden hosted the first plant distribution this past Sunday! Lisa from PHS even provided a planting demonstration. Our gardeners are very excited to begin growing their crops, and we can’t wait to see these gardens flourish!

IMG_1785 IMG_1786 (1) IMG_1793 (1)     IMG_1800 (1)

To learn more about the City Harvest Growers Alliance, check out the link below:

Want to see more? We will have additional photos from the 2015 season posted in our gallery section soon!

Interested in getting involved either as a volunteer or by donating? Please feel free to contact…

Christian Przybylek, Community Integration Specialist (M-F, 9a to 5p)
(215) 893-8400 ext. 1560