What’s Growin’ On? NSC Garden News

We are rapidly approaching the Growing Together Garden opening on August 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. Here at NSC, we’ve been working hard to get ready for opening day. Here’s a few things that we’ve done so far:

1. We have installed a new water system. This will allow gardeners to have easy access to water to grow their crops!

2. Compost and clover seeds have been spread. We are very picky about the kind of soil that will be available, and we want to do our best to take care of it! Composting and clover seeds both help to maintain nutrition levels in our soil.

Curious about clover seeds or compost? Check out these links to learn more!
Composting: http://eartheasy.com/grow_compost.html
Cover Crops: http://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/garden/cover-crop-basics

3. We’re creating about 400 raised beds. That’s about 4 times more than what is available at our 8th & Emily Garden location, and doesn’t even include the 200 plots reserved for entrepreneurial growing.

Speaking of our Growing Home Garden at 8th & Emily, we would just like to reassure everyone that this garden is NOT going anywhere. In fact, the gardens at 8th & Emily are thriving and filled to the brim, which is why having another site available will be great for clients and community members alike who have been on the waiting list for a raised bed for quite some time. Our pictures of the Growing Home gardens below speak for themselves.

IMG_1748One of our beautiful murals in the garden, created by the Mural Arts Program! Check them out at http://www.muralarts.org/

IMG_1754One of our gardener’s scallion plants. Scallions add excellent flavor and are very common in the traditional dishes of many of our clients.

IMG_1756The garden at 8th & Emily has received several flower donations over the years from Primex Garden Center (located in Glenside, PA), and they are

IMG_1751One of our many marigold plants, soaking up the sun. Marigolds aren’t just pretty, they’re also excellent for repelling mosquitoes, deer and rabbits because of their strong scent.

We are so excited for our garden opening on August 5th, at 6pm. We hope to see you there!