Summer in the Gardens


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The dog days of summer are upon us. With weeks of intense heat the gardens have become quieter during the day but burst with a flurry of activity in early morning and evenings. Harvests continue, plants must be watered all the time, the aggressive weeds push their way back up and of course the are always kids playing.

In our second season, the gardens are more productive than ever and many families have really learned lessons from last year and figured out how to maximize each small bed by growing up and out, pruning things, and choosing the right plants. Some of the same problems still linger, for instance when too many tomato plants are put in one garden and they get huge and overcrowded. But, with our translators this year we are more equipped to teach gardeners and continuously train them throughout the season. Over 85 people came to our Summer Garden Meeting to learn and discuss issues as a whole group. 

Our next featured crop will be bitter melon as we are starting to harvest these now!