Spring has Sprung in the Gardens!

Spring is officially here and we have been busy getting the Growing Home Gardens underway for their second season!

The early warm weather built up excitement among the community and over 95 people came to our first garden meeting. Every gardener from last year returned for a second season and were joined by 45 new refugee families wanting to garden. We could not accommodate all of the need so we ended up doing a raffle and ten lucky families got new garden space. Hopefully someday we will have more land. Here is a shot of the excitement and chaos of the first garden meeting of 2012.

We have had three long workdays already to get the gardens cleaned for spring and to begin planting. We have planted mustard greens, collards, kale, cabbage, and cilantro. The crazy dry wind over the past week was a little harsh on some of our newly planted seedlings.  We’re hoping for some rain and calmer breezes in the coming weeks.  More pictures to follow soon!