Last Community Workday of 2011!

NSC’s Growing Home community gardeners come together for one more workday in December! 

Photos on this post courtest of Harvey Finkle

Sadly in December the Growing Home farmers had to put their plots to sleep for the winter. I was unsure which farmers would come and brave the cold. However, the community proved to be amazing once again as over 45 people were ready to begin work at 9 am.  All of the fall greens (mustard, bhok choy, tatsoi, and kale) that had been sweetened by the frost were harvested and eagerly taken home. Tea (Chai) was brought out throughout the day and made on a stove in the garden to keep everyone warm.

Using the fall greens, many Nepali families make Gundruk for the winter – a preparation of mustard greens that are fermented in water and then dried. Throughout the winter they are used in soups, curries, and dhal. It has a sour taste that is hard not to love! Stay tuned for recipes! 

Due to the intensive planting and three season production, the raised beds needed extra soil and compost for the next season. The community worked all day to fill the raised beds with a delivery from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Three generations joined in as grandmothers encouraged their grandkids to help and teens lifted the wheelbarrows for their parents.

Growing Home has come a long way from last winter when the lots were trashex and weed filled! With help from dozens of volunteers and partner organizations Growing Home has been transformed to a productive urban farm and thriving community space. The space is a dream come true for the 70 families who have plots and many more who come to events and activities at Growing Home!