First Field Trip!

On Saturday August 13th, Adam, NSC’s farm manager, and the farmers took their first garden field trip. Fifty Growing Home farmers boarded the bus and headed to Northwest Philadelphia for the day. Everyone was so excited for the adventure and to explore a new part of the city!

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Up until February, Adam had worked as the Farm Educator and Farm Manager for Weavers Way Community Programs. Because of his connections there, Weavers Way was generous enough to donate extra produce to the refugees. About a month ago, Adam had taken two women up to Weavers Way Farm in Mt. Airy to collect the produce from their fields. They were so happy to see trees and large farm fields. One cried with joy as she harvested and said it was just like being back in Bhutan.

Since then, Nationalities Service Center had been working to raise money to bring a larger group to Weaver’s Way and it finally happened! As soon as the bus pulled up to the farm, the families took off running. People were immediately picking blackberries, climbing trees, and exploring the fields. Seeing the farm reminded many families of their farming histories as many talked about how they use to be farmers like the ones at Weaver’s Way. The families loved the wild greens that some people consider weeds with many gardeners spending nearly an hour excitedly collecting greens to bring home.

The families had a picnic in the shade and later played baseball in the grass.

There is a community farm attached to Weavers Way Farm. There, the elder gardeners gave Adam and the famers a tour and presented the families with many baskets of vegetables from the Weavers Way plots. It was beautiful to see the exchange of knowledge, smiles, and hugs despite language barriers.

After the farm visit, the group went to the Wissahickon Creek, where they walked through the woods, played in the water, and even saw some horses.

This photo was recently published in the Mt. Airy, PA publication “The Shuttle.” Link to come!