Busy Spring at the gardens!

Happy Summer! I am so happy for the cooler weather and rain this week!

I am sorry I have not posted for a few weeks. It has been a very busy spring and start to the summer season. Over 62 families have been given plots in the garden. Every inch has been feverishly planted. Atleast 30 – 40 people come out every day to water, hang out, eat some snacks, harvest greens, etc. With our picnic tables now in place the gardens have become a real hang out. We have been having informal english lessons, eating mangoes, sharing recipes, drinking tea, and much more. A lot has been harvested already and many of the summer crops are growing tall! My Nepali is getting much better and I am learning a few Burmese words each week.

The heat was tough on us all – but this cooler weather and a little rain has helped us and the plants a lot!

My most recent photos got deleted but below are some great phots from the past month!

All the best, Garden Coordinator  – Adam Forbes

Feel free to contact me with any questions – aforbes@nscphila.org

Families plant and harvest!

Greens Ready for Harvest!


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  1. Very nice garden plots. Wow, they are stuffed. I hope you are able to get some more land to work with. Seems like lots more folks would be gardening. Very nice project though! We have a small homestead in Northern Minnesota, and there’s no doubt, gardening is probably the essential element for anybody’s life.

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