First Garden Meeting Held!

After two large workdays and countless more hours of labor – most of the raised beds are built and more seedlings are ready to be planted.

Thursday May 12th we held our first Community Garden Meeting. The Migrant Education Program helped to spread the word and hosted us with space at the Houston Community Center. Over 63 Bhutanese and Burmese families came out! They all wanted a space to grow in the garden and were very excited to be a part of the process!

Using two translators we went over the rules and explained about the project.  Since these communities come from agricultural backgrounds they were hoping for larger spaces to grow. We had to explain that each family gets one raised bed. However, we can still grow a ton in these small spaces. We will also grow in common areas, up fences, and every inch possible.

After the meeting we all went out to look at the garden. People were so excited to begin that they insisted I bring out the shovels and we do some work. As the sun was setting everyone laughed and worked together…